Diane Villanueva, PhD
This website is devoted to my work as a graduate research assistant in a joint program between the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida and Ecole des Mines in Saint-Etienne, France.  More recent publications on optimal data collection for multi-physics systems are available as well.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in May 2008 from UF.  I continued as a graduate student under Dr. Raphael Haftka as part of the Structural and Multidisciplinary Group, with Dr. Bhavani Sankar as co-advisor.  As part of the joint program, in Saint-Etienne I worked under Dr. Rodolphe Le Riche and Dr. Gauthier Picard.

My PhD research was in the area of reliability-based design optimization. I worked on methods to include the effect of future uncertainty reduction mechanisms (specifically tests and redesign) on reliability estimates made at the initial design and optimization stage.  In addition, my research involved optimization using surrogates and dynamic partitioning of the design space to find multiple candidate designs.

Research Interests:
interactions of multi-physics/multi-disciplinary models, design under uncertainty, surrogate-based optimization, uncertainty quantification, data collection methods, and data fusion methods.